IVR Remembrance Radiothon

Traditionally, we end our years with countdowns. Long broadcasts where we take the top 100 tracks of the year and play them, ridiculing or applauding, until we’ve reached the number one song. This year, we had something more important to look back on than the most overplayed music of 2017. Just before christmas, the IVR team lost a valued friend and member of staff. Thus, our new years’ eve was one of airing memories and laughs which we shared with him through the years. Kyle Cunningham was a dedicated, enthusiastic, talented member of our team. A writer, music producer, programmer and DJ, he was always willing to add his skill, humor and sarcasm to any project. Two years ago he voiced the idea of a 24 hour live broadcast for charity to the rest of the team. Since then, three radiothons have been held by Innervisions’ broadcasters for various causes. In honor of Kyle and all that he stood for, our next radiothon is being held on the day of his services, January 11. By request of his family, we will be raising funds for two charities: a blindness organization and diabetes research group of the family’s choosing. Whether you barely spoke, were close as family, or never knew him at all, we hope you’ll join us in support of two worthy causes and remembrance of a life cut unexpectedly short. As the details develop and the proceedings begin, updates will be posted to this page. In true IVR and Kyle style, a few other bits might make their way here as well. Let’s make this the best memorial radiothon the internet has ever seen, and start the year with music, memories, laughs and celebration of life.