Preparations In Progress

The studio is a busy place at radiothon time. There's posts to write, audio to mix, equipment to prepare and a whole lot more where that came from. As all this takes place, much of our details iron themselves out. Since Kyle's services are planned for 3:30 PM UK time, our starting time will be 3:30 eastern. Local friends of the family have put up a page to fundraise for Diabetes UK. We've also begun to set a schedule of events for the 24 hours that we'll be covering during this time. Events on the schedule include a cover release, more A hero's Call with a giveaway and various interviews and shows which cover diabetes from different perspectives. In the meantime, here's what we need from you. Spread this information far and wide. Donations are welcome and appreciated, as are shares, The more people who participate the marryer. For those who want to post the link but don't know what to write, we'll gladly write something you can put on social media. Finally, if you have anything else to offer, contest prizes, memories of Kyle, etc, get in touch. The IVR team values all input and looks forward to everyone's interaction in the upcoming events.